Want to craft a plastic license card on your own?

Führerscheinkarten selber basteln!?

Carrying the drone driver's license in A4 on paper is annoying. And of course, a workable solution has to be found. It is therefore tempting to make a map yourself from the PDF document, e.g. via Amazon or with the help of instructions, some of which are available on YouTube.

But you won't be happy with that.
Why? We tried it out and reduced an LBA document to credit card format ourselves and ordered the plastic card from Amazon.

The result:
In principle, the card wasn't all that bad. The writing was legible, the images were reasonably sharp and the contrasts okay. BUT: The QR code was unfortunately only readable with an iphone 12 due to the reduction in size. Other cell phones have failed.

In addition, the card has been in my drone case for about 2 weeks and there are already clear scratches and abrasion marks. What the part will look like in a few months - possibly under direct sunlight ... the card will probably be quite scratched by then.

Good to know:

  1. Use a decent printing process that applies a scratch-resistant finish.
  2. Make sure that your PDF is optimized for the small card size and that the QR code can still be read.
  3. And if you should stupidly lose your driver's license card, it's good to have a backup with you. For example in the form of your Dronecard wallet. It can always be read, never scratches and the sun cannot harm it.
  4. You can find more information about a remote pilot's certificate or EU drone license as an iOS Apple Wallet or Google / Android Wallet on this page (click)