Für wen ist die DJI FPV?

Für wen ist die DJI FPV?

A very controversial topic: Is this drone for beginners or professionals? Does the drone offer what other FPV drones offer you?

If you ask me, the DJI FPV is the perfect drone to have fun and take photos as well as of course epic videos! However, many FPV racing drivers do not see it quite like this. Many complain about weight, limited manoeuvres, etc.

If you ask me, this drone isn't for everyone either. The DJI FPV is an FPV drone that allows you to make cinematic videos and also fast and sporty professional videos with tricky maneuvers! Conversely, this means that in my opinion this drone is not intended for racing - it was not built for that either.

You have to imagine, DJI tried to produce a sporty type of Mavic drone in order to be able to play in the FPV market. In addition, DJI wants to allow the customerto buy a "Ready to fly" kit and not have any problems whenassembing and configuring a drone. In addition, everything you want to do with an FPV drone, you can also do with the DJI, just not as fast or handy as it would be possible with a freestyle or racing drone!

Why do I think the DJI FPV is perfect for beginners but also professionals?

The DJI has three adjustable modes

1. (N) - Normal Mode

2. (S) = Sport Mode

3. (M) = Manual Mode

N Fashion basically behaves like the Mavic. It's easy to fly and has all the sensors to watch out for, so your drone doesn't hang directly in the next tree.

S Fashion is for people who have a little more experience and want to experience a little more thrills and just want to be a little more sporty on the road, which they are definitely with the DJI FPV!

M Mode: Have you arrived here? Then you're probably a professional! Then watch what awaits you. From now on you control your drone completely manually, which means you can theoretically do a looping or just crash down like an eagle in a 90 degree flight! Believe me, when you get that out,you feel like a bird that can do anything! And if it happens to you that you no longer have your drone under control, there is an emergency button that you press briefly and the drone catches up again immediately!

But to get back on the ground, it is not yet clear which driver's license you need for the DJI FPV. That will be decided at the end of this year! However, I must honestly admit that I do not understand what is to be suspended against the drone. It flies ten to fifteen minutes longer than any Racing FPV drone. It is from zero to a hundred in two seconds and flies at the top 140km/h! To do this, it transfers Full HD to your goggles and films in 4K 60 FPS! What can we complain about?

My conclusion:

Thanks to the three different modes it is in my eyes for both professionals and beginners the perfect drone to take off.
The only catch is the price, but if you want to start with this hobby,
it is just as high as with other drones, if you want to start directly with a combo package (controller, drone, goggles,batteries, propellers, etc.)! For all of them, you pay a roughly similar amount for all of this.

All in all: Super suitable to take beautiful and fascinating, dynamic cinematic shots while having a lot of fun!