What kind of drone license do I need? The answer in one phrase.

Welche Führerscheinklasse brauche ich? Die Antwort in einem Satz.

When I went to get my drone license / proof of competency, I was just confused at first....

Which drone license do I actually need?
The EU certificate of knowledge according to the current German Air Traffic Regulations (LuftVO) is available in different versions and the costs also vary enormously. For a clear answer I had to research for a long time (and even then I was still not sure). Numbers, paragraphs, weights, purpose.... Is it the A1/A3 or the A2? The small or the large? And do I even need a remote pilot certificate instead of a certificate of knowledge? And what the heck is the difference between §21d and §21e?

It quickly became clear: I don't need a certificate of proficiency for my DJI Mavic mini. But what about my DJI Mavic Pro? Not to mention models like Yuneec Typhoon H or other large drones like DJI Inspire etc.?

For these drones I have to take an online test in any case since 01.01.2021, so it requires the LBA (Luftfahrtbundesamt).

But what is the small drone license and what is the big one? Admittedly, at first glance it all sounds terribly complicated.

Here's the answer in a single sentence:

It doesn't matter 😂

Why? It's simple: You have to take the EU Certificate of Competence A1/A3 anyway. And as soon as you have dealt with it, you have acquired enough knowledge to know exactly what you may need beyond that.