Was ist eine FPV Drohne?

Was ist eine FPV Drohne?

What is an FPV drone?

FPV is called "First Person View". Translated: "View from the first-person perspective". Mhhh good – and what does that mean now? Quite simply explained: with many other drones such as .B. DJI drones you get your view of the drone on your phone, tablet etc. With FPV drones, you fly with your FPV glasses like a pilot, from the perspective of the drone. Basically like VR glasses. With the difference that what you see is real! There are also many different types of FPV drones. From sports drones, looping and complex maneuvers, to Cinematic FPV drones that take more cinematic shots of all kinds. If you want to connect FPV with cinematic recordings, we can only recommend the brand new DJI FPV to beginners!

What driving license class do I need to fly an FPV drone?

It always depends on how heavy your drone is! Normally, you are allowed to fly most FPV drones with the A1/A3 drone licence, because most FPV drones are not that heavy (as they must be quite small and light for their respective maneuvers). But that doesn't mean that this applies to all FPV drones.

If you are wondering which driving licence class you need, you can read on here.